Application of Emery;
Coarse: Grits 8-10-12-14-16-18-20

Flour Mill Stones

Emery is mixed with 30% of Mgo Cement & a Mgcl2 salt Solution of from a stiff mortar & then  coated on the metal C.l. cones or frames.

Rice mills-dehusking & Polishing

Wheat or corn is passed between mating flour mills stone for crushing,rice or cron is passed between Emery rolls for deshuking & between emery roll & rubber pad for polishing. Verified stones are also used.


Mill stone Manufacturers, rice-dal mills. Rice mill stores & co-operatives.

Flooring Anti-skid/Hard Flooring/Code:-B/HG/9

Emerybonds easily with cement or Resin binders for coating on the industrial Floors, forms stair cases or airport runways to impart increased (a) Longivity to floors (b) Safety of workmen & (3) Overall economy. Customers: Contruction Contractors.

Shot Blasting :

For cleaning of casting, forgings, ship hulls, decks & other metallic surface : shot blasting Contractors* equipments Suppliers.


USE Grits 10-12 for bigger parts & Girts 40-50 for smaller parts. Good for forgings & Components Customers: foundries & forgings shops.


(Grits 20-30-36-40-50-60-80-120-150- 180-220-270-300-400)
Customers : Coated & bonded abrasive
Emery papers, belts, cloths.
Grinding Wheel, Emery Wheels/discs.


Microfine ; Grits 600 & finer

Lapping & Polishing :

Customers : Flooring Contractors
Lens Manufacturers.

Marble Granite :

Optical Lens
Glass/Lens Polishing-cutting

Ball Bearings :

(For polishing of Balls, rollers & racers) Engine parts, steel balls etc manufacturers. Machinery work shops, Bearing manufacturers.

Valve Grinding Pastes :

(By suspending in a greasy medium)

Electroplating & Polishing :

For cleaning of components, steel utensils, parts etc Prior to plating, Emery is passed on to the buffs with glues and then parts are rubbed on to these

Luster Bars Buffing :

Customers : Electroplating Chemicals stores & suppliers. for polishing. The luster bars are rubbed on the buffs & then the parts are again put to the buffs Emery luster bars used for steel - metal Cutting and polishing.
"SARAN" Making for diamond, brown hard Emery in 60/90/100/120/150 Grits. in hard , sharp and strong Emery

Our Product range includes :

:: Natural Emery : in Grits sizes & Group Grits 4/8,6/12,8/16,10/20,10/30,OR AS Required sizes. for construction chemical, hard flooring, Antiskidflooring and blasting.

:: Fused Aluminum Oxide (Corundum)
Silver, brown emery , Grains used for rice mills,blasting & Diamond polishing.

:: Silicon Carbide,
:: Lapping Powders
:: Microfine abrasives. in Brown-White-Green Fused.
Packing : in 25/45/50kg.
bags-Gunny and HDP or as per Requier ements
Our best prices will be submited on basis of requirments
Dependable "Elephant" &" King" Brand Abrasives
Unifrom size & Shapes.
Treated to improve adhesion.

Sp. Gr. 3.6Hardness : 8 (Moh's) Colour : Grey black & Brown
Bulk Density : 1.3-1.5g/cc.
Aluminum Oxide : 60% & above as per requirements


Bauxite ores : Chemical refractories, Ceramics, Cement
Grades with Al203% : 40/54, 45/50, 50/52, 54/56, 
57/58, 58/60
Lime stome : in lumps/Grains powders or as per
Requirements. China clay, red ocher, calcite, feldspar
Kyanite, Daispore, siliminite, silica sand quartz white and 
Coloured, minerals.
Calcined bauxite calcined kyanite/Siliminte, activated
fullers earths calcium carbonate, corrundum, calcined
china clay.
red oxide kaolin magnesia ramming mixture, Tripoli powder,
whiting chalk powder yellow/red oxides zircon etcs.
minerals/raw materials Calcinations-Grinding facility

(1)COARSE GRITS : 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20
(2)MEDIUM GRITS: 24-30-36-40-60-72-80.
(3)FINES GRITS :90-100-120-150-180-220-250-280-300-
35AND Finer.
(4)MIXED :4/8,6/12,10/20,8/16,16/30,Or as required
we are exporter of our products on FOB/C & F/CIF basis in
bulk, containers FCL / LCL and in Pallets / Jambo bags etc.

Members of : Govt of India Department of Export:
Chemical and allied products export promotion council. Bombay S.S.I. Association.

 -Import & Export Code NO. 2490001248 Govt. Of India
 -R.B.I. Code No.: AB 170021 of 22-12-1977
 -CAPEXIL : Member ship NO. B 059 Chemicals & Allied Products Export Promotion Council-Government of India 
 -Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industries
 -Gujarat Minerals Industries Association
 -Porbandar Chamber of Commerce & Industries
 -Rotry Club of Porbandar-India


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